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    Professional aggressive inline skater Joey G.

    BKc Holiday ‘08 Gift Ideas . . .

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    BKc Burgundy Crest Hoody || BKc 150 Soldiers Polo ||BKc Vintage Belt || BKc Black Overdye Jeans


    Nimatha: BKc Black Crest Hoody || BKc Lion of Judah Polo || BKc SF + Fatlace Burgundy Tee. On Yung Bev : BKc Burgundy Crest Hoody || BKc Brown Tweed Shirt

    Raffle Announcement Monday Dec 15th

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    We are all excited about our 2009 projects and goodies, and the gang is working hard to make sure you guys get them as soon as possible. But we have certainly not forgotten about our unfinished business for 2008, specifically The BKc Black Out of 2008 Raffle. We are currently tallying all of the entries in a secure location to prevent any tampering. Please stay tuned for the official announcement and lucky winner. Tune in, log on or simply point your browsers to www.thebkcircus.com/blog (should be in your favorites or in your RSS feed) on Monday December 15th at 12 Noon Eastern Standard time. The name of our BKc Black Out of 2008 Raffle winner will be released right here on the blog. The winner can claim his/her prize at their earliest convenience (with proper identification) at The Brooklyn Circus NYc at 150 Nevins Brooklyn NYc 11217.

    To all of our out of town readers and loyal supporters, worry not, you are not forgotten. We have plenty of giveaways in the schedule for you once we relaunch our online shop in 2009. The shop is being built to match the experience of all of our brick and mortar stores, which will be the only acceptable excuse for not visiting the stores. Yep! The BKc Black Out of 2008 Raffle, Experience is Everything . . .



    BKc Style + Character . . .

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    Falu, a long time supporter and great friend of The Brooklyn Circus, came by and showed off her one of a kind creation. She transformed our BKc Fall ‘08 Fleece into a lovely cardigan. We definitely want to see more of our BKc ladieswearing our Fall ‘08 Collection in their own unique way. So stop by with anything you have already created or even for inspiration, Nimatha, Neke and Akane have plenty of ideas, and we are always standing by with the camera. Yep! The BKc Style + Character, Past & Present . . .




    Product Update . . .

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    One of our always stylish BKc ladies, Ebony, stopped by 150 Nevins just in time to get the first look at our latest shipment from The Vael Project. The Vael Project footwear has been a hit at The New Brooklyn Circus, make sure you get your pair from their first season of goodies. Although this latest arrival has no footwear, the rucksack and i-phone case have the same great craftsmanship and quality as the footwear. Ebony and Eiji tried both pieces out and gave great reviews, so stop in and check them out for yourselves and let the gang know what you think. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Experience is everything.





    BKc Holiday 2008 Staff Pick . . .

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    Stylist Rae . . .

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    Friend of The Brooklyn Circus and stylist to the stars (no name dropping please) Rae wears different hats when she stops by The Brooklyn Circus. She fell in love with all of the hand crafted hats from our friends in the bay area. With the budget she is working with she decided to have them all along with a Property of  bag full of goodies for her new proffessional baseball client ( once again, no name dropping please)- For name dropping please read another blog. We love your taste Rae, we seriously do. Yep! The BKc Style + Character, Past & Present . . .



    In The Heights . . .

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    Kicking it with Rob Heights a designer behind some of your favorite brands and a genuine supporter of The Brooklyn Circus. After grabbing himself a gift from the new BKc holiday Collection , he stopped by the office to kick it about the future of his design interest and how The Brooklyn Circus has inspired him. It’s always an honor to receive the nod of other designers, since they are exposed to so much and yet are inspired by what we do. We chatted about what was next for The Brooklyn Circus and in what areas we were looking to grow in. One of the interesting things we also discussed was how on a daily basis you can run into someone (train or coffee shop) that makes major decisions about the trends you are influenced by and not even know it. Yep! The BKc Style + Character, Past & Present . . .



    2009 . . .

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    The BKc + Night Out . . .

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    As we continue to zoom in on the world of The BKc, you will notice that the tent doesn’t stop at 150 Nevins. The Traveling Circus goes East Coast West Coast and Worldwide. The gang recently explored South Africa, well as close as u can get to South Africa in Brooklyn. We had a fun night out at a great South African restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The environment was great and the food was delicious. This spot is definitely BKc approved. So stop in 150 Nevins for directions, and make sure to ask the gang about their favorite dish on the menu, Durban Bunny Chow (does not involve harming of any bunnies). Yep! The Brooklyn Circus Experience is Everything . . .





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