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  • The Bearded Man Speaks . . .

    Originally posted on March 17, 2009 with 7 Comments

    Wow! I am truly blown away by the amount of emails we’ve received in such a short time since we posted our new “The Bearded Man Speaks” section. Reading through the pages of emails I noticed a pattern (no pun intended) everyone wants to be a designer huh? Is anyone interested in being a tailor, becoming a pattern maker or owning a factory? If you really want to penetrate the fashion industry and last, why not train in the craft of tailoring? Plan ahead. When all the great tailors move on to retirement, who will replace them? Not only will you have plenty of aspiring designers to sew for, you’ll be employed longer than many of them. The culture of tailoring is one that does not exist in urban American culture enough to inspire young Americans to aspire to be skilled tailors.

    As described by Wikipedia: A tailor is a person whose occupation is to sew and scissor menswear style jackets and the skirts or trousers that go with them. Although the term dates to the thirteenth century, tailoring took on its modern sense in the late eighteenth century, and now refers to makers of men’s and women’s suits, coats, trousers, and similar garments, usually of wool, linen, or silk. The term refers to a set of specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques that are unique to the construction of traditional jackets. Retailers of tailored suits often take their services internationally, traveling to various cities, allowing the client to be measured locally. Traditional tailoring is called “bespoke tailoring” in the United Kingdom, where the heart of the trade is in London’s Savile Row, and custom tailoring in the United States and Hong Kong. This is unlike made to measure which uses pre-existing patterns. A bespoke garment or suit is completely original and unique to each customer.

    G. Bruce Boyer, author and former Fashion Editor at GQ and Esquire explains:
    In this age of the shoddy and the quick, the vulgar and the mass-consumed, tailors can still be counted on to champion uniqueness and quality. It is the hallmark of their tradition. Today, skilled tailors can be found in Rome as well as Richmond, VA, Paris, Pittsburgh, Hong Kong, Kansas City, Rio and Dallas — as well of course as Milan, London, and New York. They are the fitters and pattern drafters, preservers of the handmade buttonholes, the cutters of the fine worsted and cashmere and heathery tweed. They are all standing in the long shadow of tradition and craftsmanship that is the art of tailoring. Just wanted to touch on that a bit and will follow up with answering, of course reading them first, all your questions as they apply to the times and situation. RPD (Respect, Passion and Discipline). Email:questionthebeard@thebkcircus.com

    A hundred year plan is no small feat, The Bearded Man . . .


    The BKc Spring ‘09 . . . The Leak

    Originally posted on March 15, 2009 with 6 Comments

    Due to the numerous emails, phone calls, and in-store visits regarding the release of The BKc Spring ‘09 Collection, the gang has decided to make a few pieces available to you guys before the highly anticipated BKc Trunk Show. These select items will be released through out the week, and we will be sure to keep you posted as soon as a new piece is available. The first release will be The BKc Distressed Leather Jacket (Officially dubbed “The Mac Premo or The Big Mac”). A piece that the whole staff loves and we are sure you will too. So stop by The New Brooklyn Circus located at 150 Nevins St to check it out for yourself. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Experience is Everything . . .






    Changing of The Guards Process . . .

    Originally posted on March 12, 2009 with 3 Comments

    Styling Lyshaan for his appearance in Changing of The Guards . . .



    The Bearded Man Speaks . . .

    Originally posted on March 11, 2009 with 28 Comments

    The Bearded Man speaks: As a team player with a hundred year plan, I always felt the team’s voice was much more important than my personal voice. After all, I won’t live to see our hundred year plan come to life. My work as Creative Director of The BKc and The Brooklyn Circus is not about quick success, it’s about the vision. It’s bigger than any one individual involved, therefore I will continue to express the team’s vision every chance I get, but I’ve finally decided to give you an inside view of what my thoughts are in this enjoyable process.

    Over the last few years we’ve received tons of emails with questions ranging from: How we got started, Did we take out a loan? What’s The Brooklyn Circus vision? BKc vs. The Brooklyn Circus, one of my favorites: “why are you guys changing?” Where do you normally  pull inspiration from? Why did you choose SF over LA on the west coast? Where can I find a good tailor, silkscreen printer, clothing production company etc?

    I will do my best weekly, possibly daily to answer all your questions and give you an inside view on my personal thoughts through this journey. I’ll answer the ones you ask and even the ones you don’t, I have my own views on everything. I am open to talk about || Reality Tv: I watch allot of it || Style: Look for inspiration but own yours || Film: my new love || Theater: love it || Art: life without it does not exist || Education: life without it does not exist || Current Education system: Wow! that’s a separate blog || Politics , Religion || History: the mistress to my love for Style & Character || Creativity: The world needs more of it || Inspiration: be the inspiration you are looking for || Running a business: man, what an experience || Food: Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican, Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese,West coast Mexican || Music: Reggae, Compa, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop || all my favorites and my least favorites. If you are not interested in my thoughts move on to the next post, I am not easily offended. Before I start, I have to continue to thank our team for the continued effort, inspiration, hard work, dedication, creativity, loyalty, and RPD (Respect, Passion and Discipline).

    Email: questionthebeard@thebkcircus.com

    A hundred year plan is no small feat, The Bearded Man . . .


    Building Blocks . . .

    Originally posted on March 11, 2009 with 2 Comments

    So we stopped by Mac Premo’s studio while he worked on some edits to the “Building Blocks” piece designed for The Brooklyn Circus Anniversary and release of “Changing of The Guards”. Mac’s art and thinking is very much like ours, with his attention to details, his love for old things and the layers to everything he does. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Local culture, Local Distribution, Worldwide . . .




    Only The Best . . .

    Originally posted on March 11, 2009 with 1 Comment

    To be the best you have to appreciate the best and hang with the best. Last night we got the chance to catch up with Matt one half of our graphic design team & one half of Casualty Classics along with Joey G the other half of Casualty & the BKc sponsored inline skater. Words cannot explain the amount of talent and vision that oozes from these fellas pores. If we ever met people who are aware of their talent and are disciplined & humbled enough to maximize on it, it’s them. We kicked it about BKc style Tv, Changing of The Guards and more. Last year we worked on the Casualty Classic + BKc project that sold out in a week here and in Japan. This year we have some pretty interesting plans for another Casualty Classic + BKc project to celebrate the launch of “Changing of The Guards” and our 3rd Anniversary. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Eastcoast, Westcoast and Worldwide . . .


    Click here to see Joey’s new video. More video BKc Approved!




    Spring Training . . .

    Originally posted on March 10, 2009 with 3 Comments


    Product Close Up . . .

    Originally posted on March 10, 2009 with 2 Comments

    Just as promised we are providing a closer look at each Property of… bag individually. The first piece is the Dan Trip Bag. This hefty travel bag is made of washed and creased calf leather and  when paired with the other items featured below you can pull off a look that is sure to turn heads and is definitely BKc Style + Character Approved! Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Experience is Everything


    Property of… Dan Trip Bag in Dark Brown (Also available in Blue at The New Brooklyn Circus, 150 Nevins)



    Vael Brogue Boot + The BKc Black Contrast Denim



    Goorin Bros. Hat + The BKc Black Shall

    The Brooklyn Circus SF… Week Wrap-Up.

    Originally posted on March 10, 2009 with 2 Comments

    The Brooklyn Circus is always juggling various projects at one time… from putting the finishing touches on our latest collection, planning & coordinating events while attending events… to servicing customers and maintaining a clean and well merchandised shop. Take a look at some photos of an average week with The Brooklyn Circus San Francisco.

    Above Pic: Gabe The Great making deals.

    Above Pic: At D-Structure’s Art opening for artist John Wentz.




    Above Pic: Calvin merchandising our weekly BKc showcase at Yoshi’s SF.

    Above Pic: Thursday, March 5th Le Cirque at Yoshi’s SF.

    Above Pic: The always stylish Natalia making sure that The Brooklyn Circus SF is in Tip-Top shape.




    Above Pic: Some of our customers this past week.

    Above Pic: Natalia & Earl keeping it Fresh on Fillmore Street.


    Above Pic: Baby elephant in training… stay tuned for the BKc Baby Style Wars! Ha!

    Above Pic: The Brooklyn Circus SF’s first 18 Plus Event… Proudly presenting Blu & Exile.

    Above Pic: Come get your tickets… 1521 Fillmore Street!

    Above Pic: Golden Gate! Golden State!

    Product Update . . .

    Originally posted on March 9, 2009 with 1 Comment

    The New Brooklyn Circus NYc (Located at 150 Nevins) just received a new shipment of bags and wallets from Property of… The brand always delivers great pieces constructed from durable waxed cottons, washed leathers, and oiled canvases. And whether you are looking for a stylish messenger bag, backpack, or duffel the gang at The New Brooklyn Circus has you covered. So make sure to stop by the store and they will help you find the right bag for your needs. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Experience is Everything . . .


    Stay tuned for an in depth look at each piece from this latest Property of… line-up



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