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  • 2007 Bkc Year in Review Awards . . .

    Originally posted on December 31, 2007 with 1 Comment

    Hey as the year comes to a close and 2007 becomes a thing of the past, we decided that it was only right that we develop a post that praised the people,places and things that made this year complete. Without them the year would have been a bore.

    So, we developed “The Bkc Year in Review Awards” to pat each other on the back, because we deserve it. From The team at The Brooklyn Circus in NY, San Francisco and Chicago. To the magazines that supported us, the great ideas that you supported, you our clients/shoppers/customers, friends and family. You name it, if it happened in 2007 and is worth mention, we will mention it. So put away the hate cap and help us congratulate all the people, places and things that made our list. There’s always next year, so to all those that did or did not make the list, you can give it another shot next year. We look forward to keeping our eyes peeled, awarding more and creating new categories in 2008. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus,experience is everything . . .

    Our 2007 Winners,not in any particular order are:

    Bkc Team Player of The Year:
    Bevin Elias wins it,hands down. His growth from 2006 to 2007 fell tall of a slam dunk.
    Bev went from clueless to creating the clues. Special thanks to Young Bev (the name sticks Bev) for all the great ideas, solutions and laughs. You are one of the most reliable people under 30 in America Bev. Yep! The Bkc awards you . . .

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    Jan 2nd, 2008 #

    Congratulations Bev!!!