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  • Nooka,Circle of your Peers . . .

    Originally posted on March 18, 2008 with 1 Comment

    It is always good to receive a stamp of approval from a circle of your peers. Matt owner and creative genius behind Nooka Watches has approved and stamped The Brooklyn Circus shirts as some of his favorites. As a Junior creative director in his presence, we will gloat in his public approval for a while :) . Check out the Nooka blog and keep in tune with what a creatively conscience company does to stay ahead of the creative curve. We are big fans of Nooka and like Matt stated about The Brooklyn Circus, I would have purchased their product even if we were not selling it or cool with them. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, East coast, West coast and world wide . . .

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    Shawn Norville
    Mar 19th, 2008 #

    Gotta thanks BKc for introducing me to the Nooka watches. I get so many head turns and nods on the strenth of how crazy the design of the watch is. I mean you can’t beat the combination of a nice Bkc Tee and a fresh Nooka watch.

    ~fresh recognizes fly~