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    Originally posted on December 11, 2008 with 3 Comments

    One of our always stylish BKc ladies, Ebony, stopped by 150 Nevins just in time to get the first look at our latest shipment from The Vael Project. The Vael Project footwear has been a hit at The New Brooklyn Circus, make sure you get your pair from their first season of goodies. Although this latest arrival has no footwear, the rucksack and i-phone case have the same great craftsmanship and quality as the footwear. Ebony and Eiji tried both pieces out and gave great reviews, so stop in and check them out for yourselves and let the gang know what you think. Yep! The Brooklyn Circus, Experience is everything.





    3 Responses

    Dec 11th, 2008 #

    Bag is tuufff

    Dec 12th, 2008 #

    KRAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M IN THERE TOMMOROW!

    Yaga aka Lynden
    Dec 12th, 2008 #

    luv the bag about to hit the store ASAP